27 amazing wedding traditions from around the world


Despite the desire of some Nations to isolate himself, becomes more international families. I recently conducted a marriage ceremony in Almaty for a wonderful couple, where we sexuali Kazakh, Scottish and Jewish tradition because the bride and groom respect and honor the traditions of their ancestors. Despite this geographical and cultural mix, the ceremony was extremely touching, each party feel included in the process, empathized and cordoves during the entire ceremony and since I spoke Russian and English, all understand how that happens.

If you also want to make your wedding special, I have prepared for you top 27 amazing and beautiful wedding traditions . which you can use on your own wedding. You will get acquainted with rare traditions of Guatemala, India, Mexico, not to mention such countries as Germany, France, Thailand, etc.

Don’t be afraid to borrow someone’s rites, all of them are ancient and deep symbolical meaning — saving families and the blessing of heaven, so to harm your culture and customs will not be able. Can be inspired by the idea and interpret it in their own way, after discussing with the bride beforehand (and parents).

1. Germany

The old German tradition of sawing logs — this is the first test on the road to marital happiness which molodozheny must overcome together. If they work well together as a team, the log is sawn, then no difficulty will not be able to upset their idyllic family picture. Photo Credit: Sarah Culver

2. Greece

3. China

According to Chinese tradition, the wedding must be red (and not because the influence of the Communist party). Bright red color symbolizes good luck, happiness and prosperity. Red is used everywhere, starting from the invitations, to the dress of the bride. Red silk veil entirely covers the bride’s face until then, until it will be impossible to access. Also the bride stands under a red Chinese umbrella, which holds next of kin. Photo Credit: Sarah Culver

4. USA

African-Americans after the wedding ceremony, «jumping the broom», no kidding, this tradition means that the couple enter into a new life with a new family. The origin of this sad tradition: during the period of slavery, black it was against the law to marry, so couples jumped over a broom normal and showed others that they are now a couple and are responsible for each other and family. Photo: Del Sol Photography

There is another ritual of the Yoruba tribe, called «Sample four substances». The couple will enjoy four different flavors that token the UPS and downs of any marriage. Sour (lemon), bitter (vinegar), spicy (kenski pepper) and sweet (honey). The passage of this ritual the couple symbolizes their desire to pass along the difficulties of marriage and to appreciate the sweet family moments.

5. Japan

This Japanese tradition many brides know, and personally I bride, who with his own hands folded 1,000 cranes for the happiness of their family. Let me remind you that «sembazuru», folding 1,000 paper cranes is an ancient Japanese tradition. The couple folded together in origami for weeks as a sign of support, trust and patience, which in fact is the basis for a long and happy Union. The Japanese — a wise people, though! Photo: Vivian Chen

6. Mexico

7. Scotland

8. Slovakia

9. The U.S. South

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