5 reasons to visit Japan

Japan — “land of the rising sun”. It is striking in its history, traditions, way of life. Reasons to visit her a lot, but perhaps I’ll try to name five basic.

Japan is rich in its traditions and customs, so to list them all is impossible. For many years in Japan brought a sense of beauty, which became a kind of religious worship beauty. Hence, such traditions as: khans — admiring flowers; tsukimi dreams of becoming — admiring the moon; ukemi — admiring the snow. The Japanese themselves feel that their sense of beauty, which is transmitted from generation to generation, is property of the Japanese people that foreigners can only admire.

Traditional tea ceremony (oil) belongs to the unique arts and customs. Oil – strictly painted ritual involving tea master who brews tea and pours it, and those who are present at the same time and then drink. In Japan there are many forms of tea ceremony, however, strictly established only a few: night tea, tea at sunrise, evening tea, morning tea, afternoon tea, special tea.

Sakura — the symbol of Japan and Japanese culture. Image of flower is used everywhere: on hats students and the military, the coins are in denominations of 100 yen, on the arms of the police and armed forces. Sakura is also the symbol of feminine beauty and youth.

If you happen to be in Japan during the Cherry blossom (late March-early April), you will not remain indifferent to the ancient tradition of Hanami — admiring flowers.

The Blossom festival — an event of national importance. In the parks are organized picnics and festivals. Flowering lasts for more than a week under favorable conditions. But only one gust of wind able to break a tiny delicate flower with branches of Japanese cherry. That is why the fading Sakura blossoms symbolically to the Japanese, representing the transience of life, but far from diminishing its importance.

One of the reasons to visit the country, becoming so famous now kitchen. I think any foodie will agree with me: if you have not tried real Japanese food, you don’t know her taste.

Many operators offer special tours that emphasize their attention on the national cuisine. So, you will have the opportunity to visit well-known places where you and offer wonderful dishes. And, back home, with confidence, you can call yourself a connoisseur of Japanese cuisine.


The Japanese are renowned for their strength of spirit. Want to experience the atmosphere of Zen Buddhism? To distract from routine problems, to relax and spiritually enriched? You can take a tour of the monasteries of Japan.

In addition to the standard tours you can offer to stay in one of the monasteries. There you will be able to meditate along with the monks and to feel the spiritual force of Zen Buddhism, a dip in the sacred atmosphere of Japan.


Japan attractions can be listed very, very long time. Let’s start with the capital of Japan ” Tokyo. While here, be sure to visit the Imperial Palace, the toshogu Shrine, ancient parks Rikusen and Hibiya. The city has numerous museums for every taste, which disappointed him to leave you will not. Nara – the main Buddhist center of Japan. It is worth to pay attention to the famous temple of “Big Buddha”.

Endless descendant of tourists come here to look at a huge statue of Buddha. Also, do not miss the ancient temple of Horyuji, the construction of which dated to 616. Nearby there is the deer Park. The animals are tame, so easily admit to himself tourists.

Fuji — one of the symbols of the “land of the Rising Sun”. This is the famous, one of the most beautiful on earth, a dormant volcano.

Hakone — a resort known for its hot springs and beautiful scenic places. Kamakura — one of the oldest cities in Japan (g). The main attraction of the city — the tsurugaoka Hachiman. Near the temple there are two ponds — Heike and Genji. Their notability is justified by the fact that in the pond Genji grow white Lotus in the Heike pond — red.

Japan — beautiful country. If it is at least a little interested, then you can easily find much more reasons to take a trip to the “land of the Rising Sun”.

These small details suggested above, only a small fraction of the greatness of the country. To get to know her only visit to Japan. Your heart will be conquered forever by it.


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