8 of the strangest Christmas traditions around the world

There are hundreds of holiday traditions around the world, many of which You probably never heard of – the giant goat made of hay (Sweden), the witch that brings candy (Italy), the burning pile of dirt (Guatemala). We present You the top 8 most unexpected, strange, surprising and unique Christmas traditions from around the world.

The Christmas log – Catalonia, Spain

Oh my God, look at those little Tio de Nadal (Christmas log)! Yes, it’s a log with legs and a face. and a little red hat, but his name is not Pinocchio (and not even Pinocchio). It may seem like a joke that just caught on in such a tradition, but this tradition comes from an old Catalan mythology. The log is put in every Catalan home on the feast of the Immaculate Conception every 8th of December every year. Going in this period in Catalonia, will support tradition – leave food for Your little log. As you get hungry, You know! And don’t forget about the blanket, otherwise it may catch cold! And when children are not watching, hide the gifts in the wood – You’ll see a log is hollow, and, in General idea that. he poops gifts.

The night of the radishes – Oaxaca, Mexico

Every December 23, the Mexican state of Oaxaca presents the most impressive manifestation of carved vegetables in the world. Radishes are grown especially for this event, and the miniature exhibits depict the Nativity scene and other events, coupled with Mexican folklore. Initially, the tradition of radish carving was begotten of the local shopkeepers who wanted to entice people into their stores. And today it’s full of great three-day festival.

The parade of Santa clauses – almost all the major cities of the world

What started once as a meaningless gathering in San Francisco, USA, people dressed in costumes of Santa Claus, has become a tradition around the world. Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2014 (according to the official website, describing the parade as “the Convention of Santa clauses”), the group of men and women dressed as Santa Claus – that’s all you need for the parade.

Spider webs for good luck – Ukraine

The Ukrainian tradition of adding cobwebs on a Christmas tree sounds very inadequate, but until You know about the legend. In a nutshell: a poor widow lived with her children in cold, damp hut. They grew and evergreen tree in the yard. But they had nothing, than they could decorate the tree. A woman cried from despair that night, but spiders of the family heard her and took pity and covered the whole tree in an intricate web. In the morning the sun struck the tree, which is unusually gleamed in silver and gold threads. From that day the widow every year the Christmas tree was decorated with cobwebs.

The hiding of all brooms – Norway

As a relic of ancient pagan days, the Norwegians prevent trouble, hiding all the brooms in the house from Christmas eve. According to local legend, witches and other evil spirits go out on the Sabbath in the Christmas night every year. And You know what most witches – brooms.

Visit KFC – Japan

OK, many of us like Strana from KFC. Fried chicken on Christmas eve sounds like a good enough idea. Of course, but why KFC? Actually, Christmas is not a public holiday in Japan, with no history, no tradition (well, as we have seen, except one), so it can be called something like “Americanism” of the Japanese – they are so close to the Americans. Certainly, has not managed here and without a good marketing, which is rooted as much in the 1970-ies.

Caroling with a dead horse’s skull – Wales

Held at an undetermined day and time, starting with the date of Christmas until the end of January, this is an old ritual intended to bring good luck. One person dresses like a horse perched on the head of a real horse’s skull, and accompanied by a group of people go around from house to house and together they sing in the hope that they will be rewarded with food and drink.

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