Central Asia

Our next trip

Travel NOT required, but if you have it should take.


Four-wheel drive Toyota Hiace van.

In the car 8 seats (excluding the driver), backpacks go in the trunk behind the seats.

Description of the trip

Covered East Kazakhstan . then descend to the South to Almaty, hereinafter in Kyrgyzstan . Bishkek, go on a ring around the lake Issyk-Kul. Return through Central Kazakhstan . through lake Balkhash . through Astana.

One of our main objectives: “the Martian landscape” canyons, colorful mountains.

Kazakhstan: The Altyn-Emel, Kiin-Kerish, Shekelmes .

Charyn canyon near the Almaty. Desert, semi-desert, singing sand dunes.

In Kyrgyzstan, the gorge Jety-Oguz .

Route – peer-intelligence .

In practice, this means that calibrated minute-by-minute schedule exists, the schedule and route is composed of approximately dnevok. Facing possible route adjustments depending on the weather, road conditions and other nuances.

Route :

Transfer from Barnaul to the border of Russia and Kazakhstan. Moving across the border.

AK-Baur (astronomical unit).

38 kilometres from the city is a unique monument of culture of the primitive age, the tract of AK-Baur, called “Kazakhstan’s Stonehenge”. This tract is preserved ancient astronomical Playground, rock paintings and petroglyphs. Till our days remained 80 images: multiple images of a person, a mountain goat, there are drawings of the dwellings and the wagons, the rest — various symbols and signs.

Ust-Kamenogorsk (registration). Move in the direction of the Katon-Karagay.

Move in the direction of Bukhtarma reservoir, spend the night on shore.

Moving to the Cape Shekelmes (aka Shekelmes ).

The Natural Boundary Kiin-Kerish. Possible stay.

Area Kiin-Kerish is opened with erosion deposits of variegated (mainly red) clays. Eroded by water and wind clay form here very bright, bizarre landscape, which resembles the Martian landscape. If you have imagination here you can see the “tower”, “ships”, “castles”, “Yurt”. The heat that reigns here, and the complete absence of water introduced into this rugged landscape is fantastic for more flavor.

Overnight on the shore of lake Zaisan .

Moving to the lake Alakol .

The Alakol lake is the largest lake in the chain of lakes. It is unique for its beauty and pristine nature. The lake is located 347 meters elevation above the sea level. Its length is 104 km, width – 52 km, depth up to 45 m. the lake Shore covered with unique black mud. Lake water composition and marine includes almost the entire periodic table (except for iodine), which contributes to the treatment of many diseases. Alakol is translated as “spotted lake” and is really often the lake water changes color from turquoise blue to dull green. Also in different parts of the lake water can be of different colors.

Overnight on the lake.

Transfer to Almaty route, to the village Lepsy, search and inspection of Sands and semi-deserts near the village.

Possible stay.

Visit the national Park Altyn-Emel . Possible stay.

Transfer to the Almaty city (former capital of Kazakhstan). Possible excursion to the skating rink Medeo .

Transfer to Charyn canyon.

The Charyn canyon is a unique monument of nature, preserved from the Paleocene epoch. His age is more than 30 million years. These natural landscapes are preserved only in a few places in the world. In the floodplain relict tree – Ash Sogdian, one of the oldest types of modern flora.

Overnight on the Kapchagai reservoir .

Crossing the border of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Heading towards the city of Bishkek . possible city tour.

Transfer to the village of Cholpon-ATA, overnight on the shore of lake Issyk-Kul . Possible stay.

Issyk-Kul – the “pearl of Kyrgyzstan”, one of the most scenic and deep lakes in the world.

Going around the lake on the ring road, on the way sightseeing ( waterfall Gagarin . Getulus, etc.)

Leave in the direction of Bishkek.

Crossing the border of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

Drive to lake Balkhash.

Balkhash lake after the Caspian and Aral seas is one of the largest endorheic body of water. Its length is 614 km, and the width in different places varies from 3.5 to 44 km, Maximum depth of the lake – 26 M. Balkhash Lake – a miracle of nature, a phenomenon of modernity. Its main feature is that the Western and Eastern side, connected by a narrow Strait, have a different salinity. So, the Western basin, which supplies water to a river, Or – fresh, whereas in the Eastern basin the water taste slightly salty.

Go to the national Park Bayanaul . Visit the cave konyraulye is .

Drive from Astana (capital of Kazakhstan). Tour of the city. Next, go through Pavlodar.

Crossing the border of Kazakhstan and Russia.

Going in the direction of Barnaul.


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