Cooking homemade meals in Japanese cuisine

Japanese pork cutlet Tonkatsu

Japanese cuisine is famous for its unusual dishes of meat. Today I offer the recipe of one of the many Japanese dishes, the pork cutlet Tonkatsu with step by step cooking. I think you’ll like the meat.

Chicken fillets in Japanese sauce with soy and honey

About Japanese cuisine

Japanese cuisine holds a special place in most quadrupeds restoran. Japanese cuisine is an art with which one can create culinary still life on the platter, and the creative ability to make beautiful and to present any dish. There is viskazivanie: “do Not create, but find and discover” is the General rule followed by all known Japanese and simple cooks. Japanese food is simple, and each chef is always striving to look and especially taste of Japanese cuisine last longer retains original and useful properties of the products. Cooking raw fish in Japanese cuisine, for example, is limited to skilled and accurate cutting fish into slices and decorated and beautiful location it on the plate.

Especially Japanese cuisine:

The Japanese cuisine raspolodzheny plant products: rice, vegetables, fish and seafood, poultry, beef, pork and lamb.

The most favorite product of many Japanese people since ancient times is the various varieties of rice. Usually when cooking it is not salted, so the rice is served quite spicy and salty sauces or spicy-sweet fragrant spices and seasoning.

As for snacks?

Of the most famous dishes that residents recognize the planet in cooking in the world and has become a well-known Japanese dish “sushi” . It’s little rolls of nori (dried seaweed) rice stuffed with different fillings (cheese, avocado, cucumber, etc).

As for vegetables?

The most common in Japanese cuisine vegetables – cucumbers, cabbage, radishes, eggplant, turnips, potatoes and soybeans.

As for seafood?

Numerous national Japanese dish prepared from a variety of seafood: squid, crabs, octopus, clams, shrimp, marine algae and seaweed.

Special distribution in Japan and in Japanese cuisine received and legumes ( miso and tofu).

Tofu – a bean cheese, which consists of soy protein, resembling cottage cheese. The Japanese also prefer to use it for Breakfast.

Miso is a viscous mass, prepared from soybeans. Miso is the base for Japanese soups.

As for the second hot dishes?

For hot dishes, all the Japanese use in different types of fish (raw fish is sliced, fried, stewed or boiled), the menu includes pasta. Very popular in the kitchen are rice cakes called “mochi” cakes “norimaki”,which is prepared from rice flour or dough with small slices of raw fish wrapped in seaweed ( dried).

As for the sauce and seasonings?

A variety of fragrant and delicious sauces more than condiments. Sauces of Japanese food basically made from soybeans with the addition of powdered sugar. Spicy-sweet sauce is frequently used for cooking of national dishes.

For example, fresh raw fish or any meat is first soaked in this sauce, and then fry in a little vegetable or olive oil. With such a sauce and are served with various dishes of vegetables. The most popular and versatile seasoning is “aji-no-Moto”, which means “the root of taste”.

Most Japanese food is cooked in vegetable (olive) oil or fish oil.

As for the fruit?

The Japanese consume a lot of fruits. As a cold drink distributed “Cory”, prepared with crushed ice with any fruit syrup.

As for the drink?

Favorite drink of all Japanese tea. They even have a whole tea ceremony. It is often prepared from green tea leaves, and add different herbs, flowers or petals stands out fruit. The thus prepared Japanese tea has a beautiful greenish tint and the taste of tea differs from the European one. The Japanese tea is usually consumed without sugar.

In recent years the wide spread of Japanese cuisine received a black coffee.

As for desserts and sweet dishes?

The originality of Japanese cuisine, perhaps, is reflected in the desserts. Many of the desserts are so unusual that most Europeans find hard not to appreciate the taste, and even decide to try them. First of all it concerns those desserts that is prepared with traditional Japanese recipes, candied shrimp or sembei (rice cookies stuffed with nuts). The Japanese variety of sweet dishes is prepared on the basis of red beans called “adzuki”. Red bean sweet dessert make various soups, ice creams, beans stuffed rice cakes.

Along with exotic dishes, Japanese cuisine and there are a lot of desserts from fruits : pears, apples, plums and persimmon. Very nice and tasty fruits in caramel, syrup, jelly.

Traditional Japanese dishes considered desserts that are borrowed from Chinese and European dishes – confectionery protovol do with filling.

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