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In connection with the economic theory of the economy at the macro and micro levels of accounting and audit management and other disciplines this course creates the knowledge about the nature of the financial system theories and organization of financial relations allows for a deeper understanding of their significance and mechanism in the economy. The subject of the course are the basics of Finance theory of Finance as one of the most important elements of a market economy at its macro and micro level. Financial relations connected with formation and distribution.


2 Display in General rules of civil law of features intellectual activity and its results.3 Display in the special civil law of features intellectual activity and its results.2 the Specificity of intellectual property rights.3 the Relationship of intellectual property and proprietary rights.

BELOVEZHSKAYA 2010 annual C O S D company JSC

State unitary organization: 1010 including: Republican 1011 1012 regional municipal utility district 2 1013. NON-current ASSETS fixed assets: cost 101 170 560 309 254 amortization 91 102 112 882 823 residual value 110 162 196 288 737 Intangible assets: initial value 32 111 26 112 7 depreciation residual value 13 120 19 19 Income-bearing investments in tangible assets: cost depreciation 121 122 130 residual value Investments in non-current assets 140.

Basic concepts and definitions.

In the form of scientific papers are distinguished: text books journals manuscripts and so Document classification allows to develop certain methods of handling each group of documents to secure them in the instructions to organize the documents in record keeping. All documents recorded in them, the activities are divided into two large groups. Documents on General and administrative matters T.

Topic: formation of knowledge about vlasnik CTV at Delphi environments.

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theme shows, journey to the land of mathematics.

Task 1. – The first task – “Workout” – I’ll ask the questions; you answer. Task 1 – “Coconuts on the palm tree” (a magnetic Board is attached to the sheet with palm tree) Objective: Consolidate quantitative and ordinal numbers. Task 2.

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Index – deflators. TOPIC: INDEX the Index is called a relative indicator characterizing the change in the level of any social phenomena in relation to the levels of the same phenomena in any conditions. Indexes are used to characterize the dynamics of phenomena; evaluating the plan; comparison of indicators in different regions; study the role of factors influencing the change or the ratio of the studied phenomenon and determine the absolute changes due to each factor. In statistics.

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