Festival in South Korea

In light of the political events that are now taking place between two countries with common roots, of course, strange sounding words about the holidays and festivals. But life always takes its toll: I hope that peace on earth ancient Joseon still will.

Long ago, in the late second Millennium BC, in the territory of the Korean Peninsula was an ancient state, which was called Joseon. As time passed, the state split into three tribal unions, which formed three other States – Silla, Goguryeo and Pekche.

In those ancient times of war between countries over the best land were not uncommon. It took a lot of time, and in 1392 the ruling Goryeo dynasty was replaced by the no less influential Joseon dynasty, which ruled until 1910. In the miserable year the country became a Japanese colony.

But it was not the last bowl of the adversity that befell a small country. After the Second world war, Korea had become a bargaining chip between Japan and the USSR. Then formed two new Korean States, the Republic of Korea and the DPRK. Each of them had its own path of development.

What we remember when we hear about South Korea? Familiar words Samsung and LG – ambitious projects that have become known worldwide brand name and symbol of the new technologies of the Republic.

Motorists remember the handsome Hyundai and Kia, which on Russian roads meet not less frequently than in South Korea. I come to mind cherry blossoms and butterflies. It is also symbolic signs of the country of morning freshness.

South Korea starts in the spring series wonderful holidays. I dare say that many of them, and each of these unique festivals. Holding such celebrations in Korea a long tradition.

Harsh life not too pampered just the people, but wanted the soul of joy, fun, beauty. And have a wonderful festivals with beautiful names: the cherry blossom festival, the butterfly festival, the festival of chrysanthemums.

Such holidays in Korea a lot. What passes by the eyes of Europeans, is of special significance – so there are salmon festivals, the festival of rape or shrimp festival.

Start with the spring festivals of cherry blossom, which is loved not only in Japan but also in Korea. These days, the country welcomes visitors from around the world. Festivals attract with their uniqueness and beauty. To enjoy this spectacle, well worth a visit Unionno cherry alley located in the building of the National Assembly. This is the most famous cherry alley in Seoul: 1400 cherry trees winter Wonderland return in April Sunny days. White-pink fog excites and fascinates all who visited.

The festival hosts a variety of programs and activities: performances by Korean artists, guests from other countries, art and flower show.

Also, are competitions of strength and speed: there is a chance to climb the ladder with 63 on 1 floor and receive a prize. As a remembrance of Korean tattoo artists will do for free tattoo of cherry blossoms.

But not only the capital of Korea holds a festival of cherries: across the country, where blooms the miraculous Sakura, are celebrated. In April, visitors are welcomed and the island of Jeju. Royal cherry that grows on the island, even more beautiful than her cousin, the usual cherry. Large flowers of the Queen – extraordinary spectacle. The island is also a music festival. The symbiosis of music and nature every year attracts many fans of beauty.

With the onset of heat April blossom cherry flowers and the famous cherry in the alley in the province of Gyeongsangnam-do. The parish of little Huge-man notes “Wagechange” – the blossom festival.

Tourists are invited to go on a “wedding” the road. It is not simple, and magical. Koreans say that lovers need to walk this road, hand in hand, then they can live together happily ever after. I think there is an incentive to visit this wonderful province.

In the festival days in Huge will take place the presentation and sound songs of Korean artists. You can also visit the market where they sell fish. It is worth a try delicious national dishes of fish and Aija’s famous spicy crab soup “changedon”.

Spring is in April in South Korea everywhere. The feeling that flowers in bloom staged a beauty contest: whatever the plant, it is a miracle.

Festival on lake Chompoo is no exception. White-pink haze everywhere. There are many memorable sights that can be photographed for memory. The festival programme also included competitions on kayaks and canoes.

Spring festival in South Korea awaits. And this is only the beginning, the baton will continue festivals of the summer season holidays.

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