Japan: the territory business

According to official data, about 500 Russians has been about 15 years doing business in Japan. The Japanese “miracle” that raised the country from ruins, and the country is experiencing a crisis, regardless of the global crisis that came from America.

Used Japanese cars as a business (import to Russia) and 1) seafood 2) building forest (Vice versa, export from Russia to Japan) is the first thing that may come to mind. Come.

However, experts warn that the market is already more or less divided and difficult to get in there. Moreover, the market of fish caught in Russian waters seafood — criminal a little more than full. The famous (and already late) journalist Yuri Shchekochikhin died after began to publish materials on how the Russian business earns on exports of seafood.

Russian forest is sold to the Japanese, and not Russian. the Chinese, who now reside in respective regions of Russia instead of Russia.

Japanese cars. By the way, many believe that to carry Japanese cars are cheaper and therefore more profitable, not from Japan itself, but from neighboring Thailand and Taiwan.

Sell them to the Russians — not Russian and even Japanese, and. Pakistanis. They have a very close-knit Diaspora, scattered around the world, they perfectly know the English language (second national in Japan and, of course, in Pakistan — parts of the former British Empire). Besides the Pakistanis easily and willingly and possess the Japanese language, if necessary. Arriving to work in Japan as construction workers, they immediately found a more lucrative and prestigious business niche and switched to the supply of used cars to Russia.

By the way, cars are bought in Japan spetsauktsione, virtual. Oddly enough, but bought the machine thus differs from that which can be bought in Vladivostok, experts say. Auction car protected from marriage by 90%, and what You will offer in Vladivostok, 70% – marriage.

In addition, this business is under constant threat — the authorities keep trying to push through a law banning machines the right wheel. Given the fact that all of Eastern Russia goes only on such machines, this law is still not adopted, but will still push, even though it would be utopian and antisocialist — unknown. However. Not to wait for the sea weather, the few Russian entrepreneurs have already established themselves escape routes and are engaged in supplying second-hand “Japanese” in the CIS countries and far away, where this act does not smell.

It turns out that the “three pillars” of the Russian-Japanese business — forest, seafood and the cars or dangerous to jizni or not mastered by the Russian entrepreneurs that have proved more successful in this field.

However, there is another business niche for Russian entrepreneurs in Japan. While these businesses are not in demand among Russians, but the Japanese promise real support, having the resources and desire.

Business in Japan: Matryoshka doll in kimono and nanopollution

The quietest and most profitable business to sell the Russians “Japanese culture” (objects of kitsch and Souvenirs) and a high-tech Japanese stuff, which it is famous. Those Japanese diapers (recognized all moms — the best diaper in the world), wipes, combs with treatment, “improving microcirculation” and other products, close to of perfumes and hygiene in Russia is extraordinary demand. What was invented by the Japanese, Russia and Europe, no one has seen or can imagine even 200 years, but occasionally I hear things — and the Russians are dreaming to use a variety of products “from the world of fiction,” especially products that concerns health.

Business in Japan: Biznesowego

Even in Japan you can grow the business for sale. This deal primarily with Europeans and Americans. Russians dislike small percentage margin, which in the end they offer buyers the business of 7-10% against solid 20%, which is in this case Europe. Business for sale grown so: nobody bought izvestavanja firm, optimized and sold more expensive. Russian 7% (the digital expression of this “more expensive”) occur because the reputation of Americans and Europeans below. However, resenting it, and being loath these seven percent, Russian businessmen do not understand that it is the participation in these business projects opens access to Bank credit banks in Japan. And without Bank credit, issued by the Japanese as yet to prove their loyalty and credibility?

Business Council, established in Tokyo with our Embassy (the head of the Board — Alexey Gladkov, his Deputy — Mikhail Cerebellum) is going to facilitate business contacts between the Japanese and Russians, and it is exactly osamah small entrepreneurs. Apparently, both sides are interested in earnest in the fact that Japan was engaged in the business more than a measly 500 souls of our people.


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