Japanese culture

The Purity in Japanese

The Japanese like cleanliness, and sterile cleanliness.

Morning for the owner of the store begins with washing the sidewalk in front of the entrance to his school.

Cleaners wipe down trash cans.

Razmerchik I dust with Parking lines and return them pristine white.

Employees of the airlines on his knees, manually, clean off sticky tape from carpets tiniest speck of dust.

Purity in Japanese

In every home, even the smallest, in front of the door there is a special place where remove street shoes and wear Slippers. “To enter the house, not razuvshis” – a euphemism unseemly incivility. Before exhibited special toilet Slippers that says “toilet”.

Tub Japanese

The Japanese are simply unable to comprehend how the Europeans can relax in the tub with dirty soapy water. First they lathered, wash away the dirty foam of the stream of the shower and then immersed in a scalding hot bath, which will “soak” to full satisfaction.

The love of purity due to a necessity. Most of the country is on the thirtieth and fortieth latitudes – that is, in climatic zone of California or Crete. So in the summer in Japan is very hot and humid.

In recent years, the obsession with hygiene has turned the Japanese into mania, to the absurd. The country is literally flooded with antibacterial products: kitchen accessories, cutting boards, toilets, towels, curtains, ballpoint pens, bed sheets, socks, toys. Good Supplement to 500-billion-dollar turnover in a year!

Clean and disinfected should be not only things. The human body also needs to literally Shine with purity, and unaffordable even the slightest hint of physiological body fluids.

The toilet in Japanese

Young Japanese women take special pills, so as not to leave the proverbial “smell” in the bathroom stalls. If the girl happened to forget about the morning dose, she would prefer to endure a whole day – would not only cover themselves with shame.

From simple holes in the floor, Japanese toilets have evolved into something that is more like a computerized bridge.

Toilet cubicles literally full of high-tech electronics: from special thermostast, gently warming the buttocks as much as you’re seated “on the throne”, to the adjustable nozzles in a timely manner from the bottom blowing streams of heated water, and then drying the wet part of your body dry and hot air.

Such works of art already installed in almost all Japanese homes. As a result, the kids have begun to shy away from conventional toilets, which are still in schools, not to mention primitive “monsters”, where you squat.

All that happens behind the doors of stalls for women should remain a mystery. Fearing that they will be given sounds, Japanese women used to flush before “the process”. Not to wash away, and to drown out the noise of flowing water all other sounds. Trying to save water and make money at the same time, Japanese manufacturers have come up with a special electronic device.

Now it is in many public toilets (at least in women’s) and is located next to a roll of toilet paper. When you click the mechanism simulates the sound of plumbing. One of the models was called “Princess Melody”.

In some of such devices are embedded tiny light bulbs. They light up in sequence, one after another, so that the light runs from left to right, indicating how long the recording will sound. Press the button again, and could relax under the soothing and incessant sound of splashing water.

You are not yet in convulsions?

Then you say the most important thing. Models Japanese toilets equipped with sensors that immediately allow you to do a urine test and pass it wirelessly to your doctor.

Some more arguments about Japanese cleanliness

The computer mouse can be a hotbed of infection in the office, if it is made from antiseptic material, so do not rashly to clutch at her bare hands. First, wrap it in anti-bacterial handkerchief, – and then “click” on your health.

Antibacterial insert the card into the ATM and it spit you sterilized pack. Office phones regularly spray an antibacterial spray, drivers of a taxi carry white gloves. Bacteria did not leave the slightest chance.


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