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Japanese cuisine

The basis of Japanese cuisine is that plant foods — rice vegetables, fish, marine products. Also the Japanese love beef, pork, lamb and poultry.

Favorite food is rice. Typically, the cooked unsalted rice, so it is served spicy or salty seasonings astrologie.

Among vegetables cabbage is widely used, including very large quantities of sea cucumbers, radishes, turnips, eggplants, potatoes, soybeans, various types of beans often sprout before they are eaten.

Many national dishes are prepared from products of the sea: shellfish, sea cucumber, squid, octopus, crabs, shrimp, seaweed.

Great importance in the diet of Japanese have bean products – tofu, and miso. Tofu – a bean cheese, consisting mainly of soy protein and in appearance resembles curd. Miso – a semi-solid mass prepared from boiled and crushed soy beans, which for fermentation yeast is added. Miso goes for preparation various soups.

For preparation of the second dishes often used in various fish and pasta. Very popular rice cakes mochi . norimaki the cakes of rice dough with slices of raw fish, wrapped in dried vodorosli.

Most of the Japanese national dishes, always served with various spicy seasonings, which are prepared from radish, radish, herbs. Often used as a seasoning and for soups and other dishes, salted and pickled vegetables, pickled garlic.

Japanese chefs cook in vegetable oil or fish oil. The Japanese consume a lot of fruits and biscuits.

Favorite drink – tea. It is prepared from green tea leaves that are dried and ground into powder. Japanese tea is green in appearance and taste different from European. Drink tea without sugar.

International exhibitions in Japan can always be distinguished by the characteristic labels with the image of traditional tea. Lots of lanterns, bamboo, straw floor mats, they are silk cushions. Girls in colorful kimonos spread colorful bowls with green tea. But at low tables laid out flyers, in which it is written. “Visit Japan in the spring, during the flowering cherries. Then you will understand her soul”. Sung by poets Sakura is the epitome of the Japanese national character.

Japanese cuisine as opposed to Chinese is much easier, the Japanese consume much less and soups with very little fat. Very fond of fish. The main place in the menu is always fish dishes. The fish are rarely cooked, usually fried, and if possible, entirely. Almost everything that the sea gives, eat. Satan and it is growing in a sea of greenery, having a taste of the spinach, and shark fins, used to prepare a pate – a cross with liver sausage, and marzipan. And all kinds of shells, crabs, white meat crispy cuttlefish, sea cucumbers – sea cucumbers.

At the table in Japan not eat. Each guest sits at a table, which immediately put all the dishes, starting with soup and ending with sweet. Start with SIU-mono – pohlebku. In Japan they eat with chopsticks, a spoon does not drink, so we got to eat the soup slurping.

The Japanese not only eats by mouth, he eats and eyes. Making dishes for Japanese people is as important as the preparation. On the tray is often only for decorative purposes placed especially beautiful orange or fancy shapes cucumber.

Rice in the morning and evening

In Japan the morning is tight. The Foundation Breakfast is gohan – boiled rice, misoshiru – bean soup, and Kono-mono – pickles pickles. Also eat eggs and fish that can be cooked in different ways.

For lunch, again prepared gohan . but go to him already cooked vegetables, cooked lentils and cooked-dried fish with egg.

Dinner is served again at gohan. It relies strong broth and sashimi – famous raw fish. Fillet of pike-perch or carp put in the freezer, cut into thin slices so that they resembled beef in appearance and taste. Such fish are served under special spicy sauce, which is prepared from soy, horseradish with the addition of various herbs.

For every taste

In Tokyo you can find restaurants and pubs for every taste. Here and American style bars, cafes and European, and Oriental tea, and many Japanese restaurants that specialize in cooking certain dishes. You can find them in a port and on the streets and boulevards of the city. Some serve only eel Yes rice vodka, and other food from nuts, and some famous rice dumplings or chicken fricassee . Tempura is delicious where is the signature dish. In General it’s not a very complicated dish with fish, lobster and vegetables, fried in vegetable oil and seasoned with spicy sauce. Each owner of the restaurant, which serves tempura, prepares it according to his own recipe, the secret of which is jealously keeps.


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