Japanese games

The family has its black sheep. This applies even to the gaming industry. This «ugly» the Japanese game industry. A country that has the fastest development of technology has managed to divide the gaming industry into three camps. First — fans of Japanese games. Second — are neutral, which no matter what they’re doing and playing what you love. The third camp — these are the people who not understand Japanese game design. I’m more of a renegade third party. No matter how long I watched by Japan, I was not able to accept the culture of Japan. Ranging from manga and anime, to design game levels and generally their games. Although, I like many, grew up on the NES console. And the games then were mostly from there. In the late 90’s to early 2000’s Japan has captured our hearts. But many left behind.

One such game that many put away from him, in my opinion, was Metal Gear. The designer of which was the infamous Hideo kojima. The game was a revolution and perhaps the cob of one of the best series in the genre of stealth-action. Interesting story and a new word from the young designer was given the opportunity to prove to the world what Japanese game design. And in that moment, everything became divided into three camps. In this line I can remember and like this genre of games as JRPG (Japanese role-playing genre). This is probably one of the biggest fads in the Japanese gaming industry. I saw a few fans of this genre, which is why, in a large case, they are not localized on Russian language. Translation issue and the low popularity of this genre give to consider that this genre died. But, it is not so, because in Japan this genre is extremely popular and in demand.

The fighting — is on par with codecoverage Japan. We can recall Tekken and Super Street Fighter. And so many can’t play Tekken because of the characters. Yes, beautiful. Yes, sexy. But, what is happening on the screen, can easily push you away from the game. Little girls in school uniform, which should attract the player’s attention, rather off-putting. In these games, there is a lot strange that it is better to see than to hear.

All these third-person shooter neizvestnogo about the attack of virus that turns all into zombies. All these horror about an abandoned city and pyramid head. They are all under the West. For European and American consumption market. To distinguish them very easily, they all have the sign of eponine. The guy with blond long hair, strange monsters and emotional main characters.

Japanese game design is very strange and not everyone can come to their liking. But they have always done for their domestic market. For example Nintendo WiiU. This console began to dig into the grave. Even Ubisoft refused to make exclusives for it. But, in Japan this console was one of the most popular. All they wanted done. Given a new technology of game control, but only in order to be competitive.

Actually, in many ways, it is the Japanese mentality of allowing their games to stand out from the crowd. They have something to no other. Sergey Galyonkin in one of his podcasts said that the developers in the post-Soviet space know how to make games not for entertainment. Can show our pain, humiliation, war or death. And it looks pretty realistic and ordinary.

With Japanese games it’s different. The main aspect of these games — Paphos. Yes, you heard right. Everything is literally saturated with something incredible, fantastic. And games originating from Japan is unreal beautiful. For example, I remember the protagonist once had dark hair, look at Dante from Devil May Cry at all ashy. Or take for example lightning from Final Fantasy. which many consider the most beautiful character ever created. The Japanese know how to dream, whether we like it or not.

For example it is not necessary to go far. Know all about the game series Devil May Cry and the situation. The fact that the first through fourth parts were doing just the same Japanese from Capcom. fifth and riveting is already British from Ninja Theory. So, turned out to be completely different from the original. Take the main character, Dante. In the Japanese version is a little demon do-gooder, who loves strawberry ice cream and helps people, destroying evil. Words to convey his image is impossible, you need to play (recommend DMC4). Or look at the location. In the third part of this medieval tower, with its secret passageways and magnificent halls, in the fourth a medieval castle, a bizarre laboratory, and Khoi-forest with exotic plants. And what we see in the British version of the game? Dante was a womanizer with black hair who smokes and drinks. And even swearing. A LOT of swearing. Yes and the scene moved to the city, dirty and soaked rot. In General, the difference is obvious. What is closest to you, pick and choose.

I often hear that someone like yaponschina, or Vice versa, someone hates it. But the fact that she leaves no one indifferent. It’s like with Apple technology. love her or hate, but no one was silent. Japanese culture has long seeped into our everyday lives, don’t we? Otherwise, why would there be this article?

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