Jewelry Japan

A variety of interesting cultural phenomena of the history of Japan is not so rich in the traditions of jewelry art. According to archaeological research, a gold ring, belonging to the sixth century of our era, is losing popularity to the eighth century and only in the mid-nineteenth century jewel found among the ornaments of the rich Japanese women, which she wears with a kimono. By the end of the nineteenth century created the production, which will become a symbol of Japanese art jewelry – Mikimoto pearls.

In all these periods, of course, in Japan there were different types of jewelry, but the usual in our understanding of the style. Kanzashi and combs for the hair, fans. cords-braids, kumihimo. netsuke, oblong wooden buttons. Of course, these decorations have no equivalent in Western culture jewelry production.

One of the first types of jewelry Western character, which took in Japan, became a brooch, not because its worn directly on your body. All for the same reason, because of the reluctance to “change” your body, it is very difficult earrings were made location among Japanese women, and nowadays not so often that you meet Japanese women with pierced ears.

And therefore, we can say that the real history of Japanese jewelry production begins after the Second world war. Many major manufacturers, promoting universally recognized styles of jewelry all over the world, and changed people’s minds: wearing jewelry gradually became fashionable. In the early 1960-ies was created by the Design of the Jewelry Association of Japan to develop new designs, but above all, be taught that jewellery is art.

Despite the fact that jewelry is a relatively new phenomenon in Japanese culture, in Japan there are many very talented designers who create amazing things, inspired by traditional crafts: for example, the ancient technique of lacquering Urushi, the technique of metal work used in the manufacture of swords and armor. Japanese jewelry are of high quality, originality and elegance. Best selling Japanese classic jewelry styles, jewelry from diamonds, pearls, platinum, white gold.

In 1988 was founded JJA – Japanese Jewelry Association, a cooperative organization representing manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers of Japan. The primary task of the organization was to establish standards in the Japanese jewelry industry. Certain tendency – preference for white color: white pearl, white diamond, white gold, platinum, silver – he had many admirers among the young men and the silver. In Japan and produce the products with colored gemstones, but mainly for export.

The Japanese have a unique ability to bring all to perfection. To attract the attention of the country to the colored gems and increase demand for original jewelry that is not sort of a traditional Japanese tastes, which is also very difficult to change, JJA works towards attracting people’s interest. The organization focuses on what the lifestyle of the people shall be named, respectively, and with him the jewels must possess individual style.

Every year it is the gemstone of the year. Year of the Emerald, the ruby Year, the Year of Brown Diamond and so on. But pearls remain a favorite material of the designer jewellery, however, to the traditional white jewelry masters successfully attach colorful “colleagues”, even combine the diamond with other colored gemstones. Another very interesting trend in Japanese art jewelry – thematic jewelry. The founder of the Japanese brand “Sea Jewels” Mitsugi Yamada, who traveled extensively in the seas and oceans, is specialized in the motifs that relate to the life of the ocean. Spouses and sumihiro Miwako Rati (“Atelier Merpool”) create a great beauty products in the art Nouveau style, using yellow gold and colored gemstones.

The famous family-owned company Paljoue International Inc. working in the USA and Japan, is not afraid in the collections of the most daring use of color.

World-renowned designer of Akikazu, author of the true masterpieces that do not leave anyone indifferent, speaks about his design policy something like this: the jewels awaken your deepest feelings, the woman who wears the jewels – art. Its heroine – a woman, not jewelry. Akikazu has an amazing gift of finding unique ways of cut stone. Cut “Parasol” – a round cut with a series of fine lines emanating from the centre, an innovative solution, allowing to achieve maximum Shine to transparent semi-precious stones such as blue Topaz and citrine.


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