Korean salads

To fully experience all of the details of such a wonderful country like Korea should begin with the study of traditional cuisine. A wide variety of dishes, salads, soups – all this diversity will make marvel any palate. Most of the recipes are cooked according to old recipes with observance of all technology of the past centuries. The recipes of the most delicious dishes to this day are passed down from generation to generation.

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The traditions of Korean cuisine

The most famous and the most popular Korean dish is kimchi. People in Korea eat it almost every day. In total, this dish consists of pickled vegetables: cabbage, peppers, cucumbers, etc. the Main side dish is rice, as it is a favorite addition Koreans.

It has long been customary to judge the well-being of Korean at home and on the abilities of the hostess at the serving table. A distinctive feature of this nation is not the order of presentation or appearance of dishes, and their number. This focuses particular attention. Than a guest is considered desirable and dolgozhdannoe, the more food he should submit, such is the tradition of Korea.

In our time, few Koreans away from their old traditions, as the main-at all sorts of sauces and spices. Slavic nationality associate Korean cuisine with spicy carrots and soup. However, it is wrong. Real Korean dish should almost burn all your taste buds, forcing them to operate at full capacity. Also for the cooks in Korea one of the most important processes is the cutting of vegetables. They should be presented in the form of small cubes or straws. Even the simplest dish is the chicken, and then, is cut in a special way. The meat is not cut, and tear on the fibers, and then cooked. Vegetables never fried, and make a small heat treatment. To top the salad, use the special sesame oil.

Koreans love to arrange regular lunch for the group feast. Often they eat with large utensils, thus keeping the warm friendly relations with the participants of the meal.

In traditional Korean cuisine there is a huge variety of unusual dishes, but the more famous and popular are still considered salads.

Recipe Korean salad made of fern

Despite his special and unusual composition, this salad can be made quite simple and it can make any housewife in her kitchen. The only difficulty is the search of dry fern, which is a main ingredient.

So, you will need the following products:

100 g of a fern

1 onion

4 tbsp butter

2 cloves of garlic

1 bunch of cilantro

Red and black pepper, and coriander seeds

1 tbsp soy sauce


To begin to fill the dry fern with hot water and leave overnight. Then cut into equal parts. After that go to dressing for your salad. Heat the oil and fry the onion until Golden color. Then add the coriander and two kinds of pepper. Stir and add the fern. Season with salt, pour sauce, garlic and mix again. To fry, to stew, then add cilantro. To improve the taste of this salad also add a seasoning of “Annie”.

Cooking carrots in Korean in the recipe from the video:

Cause spice to Korean dishes

For the preparation of Korean salads can use all sorts of vegetables. They can be prepared separately and combining in one dish. However, the main feature of Korean cuisine is not only cutting of vegetables, and a special, tangy spicy flavor. How to get it? The whole reason the red pepper.


Red pepper

3 tbsp vegetable oil

Heat the oil, add pepper. Fry for 1 minute. Next, let the mixture cool and add the vegetables that will form the basis of salad. In the process of roasting, red pepper loses its pungency and imparts a vegetable oil the very piquancy and zest. Many substitute red pepper onions. Are fried, then remove from the oil. This also gives it a piquancy, but can never compare with real red pepper.

In Korean traditional cuisine vegetables have a special place. Due to this, Korean dishes are considered to be quite useful and rich in vitamins. As mentioned above, the vegetables give roasted, so they retain all their nutrients. Also Korean cuisine is low-calorie, except for different sauces. The main side dish in Korea is the rice. which contains low calorie, but is high-energy products. That is why traditional Korean cuisine is not only tasty but also healthy that have gained her worldwide popularity.

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