Landmarks of Asia

Large expanses of Asia are fraught with mysterious traces of many ancient civilizations. From here began the conquest of the world, Tamerlane the Great and Genghis Khan, and it was here that Alexander the great suffered the most crushing defeat. The word “Asia” as if imbued with an amazing variety of fantastic legends, tales, Oriental mysteries, luxury, centuries-old wisdom, a philosophy, exotic religions and unique culture of the peoples. Sights Asia . as and attractions of Russia for Asian, will be really interesting for the Russians and Europeans who vacation in Asia is sure to surprise you with something pleasant and unexpected. What to see in Asia ?

The great Wall of China was, is and will be the hallmark not only of China. in whose territory it is located, but also throughout Asia. The wall runs directly along the border of the state and is well-protected area. Opened to tourists just a few places located near Beijing. The great Wall is a truly spectacular sight, and by merit is considered one of the great wonders of the world.

The forbidden City in Beijing is the world’s largest Palace complex. Its total area of 720 thousand square meters, and the number of rooms is equal to 9999. From the Imperial Palace was ruled by China for 24 emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Built in the early 15th century, the Palace for many centuries remained closed to ordinary citizens. And even now, after 3/4 of a century after the last Chinese Emperor left his Palace chambers, some of the rooms of the Forbidden City remain closed to tourists.

In Indonesia there is an incredible temple complex of Borobodur, which is the most prominent monument of the Buddhist culture and concurrently is quite impressive ensemble of architecture. On a big square stone platform, with each party at 118 meters, the tapering pyramid, rises the huge majestic terraces. Three upper and five lower tiers symbolize the scheme of the universe, which corresponds with the Buddhist idea.

The Angkor Wat temple located in Cambodia, is a striking example of Khmer architecture and one of the most ancient religious buildings (built in the early 12th century). The total area of the temple is about two square kilometers. Three levels of construction of this temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, connected to each other by countless passages and stairways. Another outstanding feature of the ensemble is the geometric rigor is incredibly sophisticated and harmonious composition.

The architectural gem of India is unsurpassed in grandeur and beauty of the Palace Taj Mahal, which is a love story girl-a commoner and a noble Prince. For the construction of the complex of the Taj Mahal in honor of his beloved wife Shah Jahan invited twenty thousand of the best masters from around the world. Walls of pure white marble were crowned with artful mosaics and a huge number of precious stones, most of which have become extinct after the raids of robbers.

The top of the world – is mount Everest in English, Sagarmatha in Nepalese, Chomolungma in Tibetan. The highest point of our planet is located in the Tibet Autonomous region on the border of China and Nepal. After the first conquest of the mountain in 1953, on the top of mount Everest (the height of the mountain is about 8850 meters) visited a whole lot of climbers, Amateurs and professionals, both single and in the composition of the expeditions.

And here’s the really exotic country is the Maldives. The huge number of Islands and their location is already interesting attraction. That’s why holidays in the Maldives are widely popular among our visitors. If you are going to the Maldives, you should definitely schedule a tour of malé, the capital of this island state. Holidaymakers here are usually passing through, and then only at the airport, as they immediately redirect to another island reserved for them in the hotel. One our site still recommends to see the sights of malé.

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