National traditions of Korean art

The Magic of precious colors

Saint-Petersburg state Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture named after I. E. Repin – the real smithy of the arts. Exhibition of works of the Volgograd artists, graduates of the famous “repinka”, dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the Volgograd regional organization of the Union of artists of Russia and the 240-th anniversary of the Imperial Academy of arts.

Among the great people from the Regal walls of the building on the embankment of Vasilyevsky island – V. Surikov, A. Kuindzhi, V. Vereshchagin, V. Polenov, I. Shishkin, V. Vasnetsov, M. Vrubel, M. Antokolsky and dozens of other equally well-known. Even in Volgograd the names of former students of the Academy of arts. This man of international renown Andrey Vystropova, and painter Sergey Krylov, whose works evoke a permanent interest to a wide audience, Volgograd and sculptors Lev Maistrenko and Viktor Fetisov, and art historians Tatiana Gafar, Natalia Ushakova, Valery Kiselyov, Director of the Volgograd Museum of fine arts Tatyana Dodin, and our most famous graphic artists Vladimir Ivanov and the late Alexander Legenchenko. Yes all and not to list. Although they undoubtedly merit the attention and did much to ensure that in Volgograd there was a professional team with rich creative potential.

Another reason for the exhibition was the fact that the Institute celebrates the 60th anniversary from the day of assigning to him the name of Ilya Repin, one of the most distinguished graduates and educators, and subsequently the Imperial Academy of arts, long considered the main institution of higher education in the arts in Russia. And today the Institute named after Ilya Repin is considered a consummate professional school skill. And for those who once studied at this Institute, were sitting at their desks, and, inhaling the smell of antiquity, under its arches in the workshops were taught by the best professors, this date is, of course, is of particular importance.

Participate in an exhibition people from different generations, artistic tastes, worldviews, and destinies. But perhaps all they have in common a respect for the traditions of the school and striving for an aesthetically comprehensive and real art. The retrospective presents works Department L. Maistrenko, A. Evdokimova, G. Kotova, S. Novikov from the collection of the Museum of fine arts.

About every artist tenderly and tells the fascinating art Museum and exhibition centre Lydia Ishkova, she graduated from this Institute a few years ago. For example, Alexander did not finish Legenchenko “repinka”, and only studied at the preparatory courses of the Institute. During this time he became acquainted with academician Serov V., And Brodsky, E. Lansere and took seriously the art graphics, in what, actually, was one of the best masters. In her opinion, the work of each artist represented here is worthy of attention:

– Magic gem paints will be remembered to spectators landscape Valery Sazonov, and those who know Hizbul Taktasheva exhibitions of recent years, discover “the other Taktasheva”, strict portrait painter and master of still lifes of multi-disciplinarity. In the paintings of Alexander Denisov, the dramaturgy of color creates a poignant poetic images. Under the external restraint of a Saint Rank Moses hides the emotional intensity of great power. In his work realized a synthesis of Western European and domestic painting traditions and Korean national art.

Well, the so-called “eighties” of Sergey Krylov and Andrey Vystropova need no introduction. Their exhibitions are always become a sensation in the cultural life of the city number of visitors. A new generation of “Repin academist’s” somewhat departed from the traditions of classical realism, but did not reject them, and combined with new creative quest, themes of modernity, boldness and frankness of the images. Professionalism “academics” and their own innovation ensured their success and glory from the audience.

Only in Volgograd sculptor who graduated from the Institute named after I. E. Repin, is currently the Victor Fetisov. At the exhibition you can get acquainted with his work “Nude”, “Peter”, “Arkady Raikin”, “Reforms to be”, “father’s Portrait”.

The organizers regret that in the framework of the exposition failed to show the works of two talented pupils “repinka” graphics and masters of decorative art Vyacheslav Kurochkin and painter Sergei Fyodorov. The palette of activity of the Volgograd artists, graduates of St. Petersburg Alma mater, would be completely finished. The plans of the Museum and exhibition centre at the earliest opportunity to arrange personal exposure, fully illuminating the works of these authors. And in the framework of this exhibition a special place is occupied by the works of the Volgograd critics and art historians, many of whom are now engaged in not only teaching in art departments in our universities, but also paint, sculpt, write.


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