North and South Korea

Asia is not just China and Japan

But do not forget that there is another major region of the world that is not only less contradictory, but perhaps even more significant. We are talking about Asia . Here and oil the middle East with their infinite resources and the sale of the floating rate of oil, and the country with the largest population on the planet (India and China) and enormous territorial ambitions. However, to those include and Japan, which also has territorial claims to Russia and to China. There are still Pakistan, and is unable to complete his lifelong history with India. And finally, there’s China. Power, of course, claiming the title of hegemon in the Asian region.

Oddly enough, today we will talk not about them, but about the other two powers, almost twins but not brothers of the North and South Koreas.

A small historical digression . Until the end of the Second World War, Korea was a single nation, however, the majority of the time – power satellite for Japan. But after the war the country was divided conventionally enough by 38th parallel into 2 separate States, the development of which went completely different ways: North Korea became a Soviet zone of influence within the Peninsula, South – American. So one state has become two separate powers . but not only in geopolitical, but also economic sense.

At the moment, if we compare the relationship between the two powers, they cannot be called neighbourly . and even more difficult to imagine their former unity: North Korea perhaps called the “Evil Empire”, which regularly tests its ballistic missiles, threatening the entire civilized world in this region. The first is, of course, refers to South Korea.

The star-spangled face South Korea

The reality is somewhat more complicated and confusing . it’s no wonder the country were used as “screens” for different modes: in the behavior of South Korea is traced very far, the initiative “neighbor” with stars and stripes.

In favor of this assumption (emphasize assumption it is) is the fact that in early 2010 the United States began to take active steps to establish a trilateral Alliance in the Pacific region . including South Korea and Japan. For example, a clear example of this is the creation of a missile defense system in the Asia-Pacific region, which, in turn, worried about Russia and China. The logic is quite simple – the US fears its largest Pacific neighbor – China (by the way, which is still the largest creditor USA) and strengthens its position in the region. It can be done easier with the help of the puppet government of South Korea.

Why the South Korean government a puppet – the question is quite easy, and verifiable. It’s pretty simple: the country has deployed to the us military, which occasionally behave in an “inappropriate” manner. In 2011 the country was created free line that receives information about illegal actions of the U.S. military toward the local population. Facts such misconduct had a lot lately, but to responsibility of the 2,000 cases, according to statistics drawn hardly more than 2 people. Human rights violations are evident, but this is of little concern to the government. Not to mention the fact that countless military exercises of us troops is causing the country damage in the form of destruction of buildings, destruction of rice fields (given the fact that the majority of the population in South Korea are farmers).

About any stability out of the question

But back to the essence of the problem. Puppet or not, the South Korean government does not accept peaceful methods of resolving issues with its Northern neighbor. The media has flashed news that yet another incident between the two Koreas claimed lives of several people and armed forces of both countries literally put “under the gun”. But not the fact of a possible war are concerned in this case, a permanent destabilizing element . who may not join the Pacific Asia.

It is the instability of the region makes impossible the establishment of the common economic space . that was already discussed many times: managing disputes in the region could create a geopolitical structure similar to the EU. Structure, with its own currency that could be provided, if necessary, with gold. And it means, Forex would be more “solid” than the dollar or the Euro. And more competitive that can not arrange the United States (and Europe, but geographically it is too far away).

One conclusion . someone just beneficial to maintain instability in the region. Perhaps not through direct intervention, perhaps by someone else’s hands. But, as in all cases, and there are always those who profit the opposite, and the participants here is quite obvious.

So, on the example of small confrontation between the two States, we can consider a global policy . which is hidden inside the economy. And fear for his position .

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