Prospects for the use of the South Korean experience

8. Perspectives the demonstration effect

The Republic of Korea is present in the Russian far East not only in the direct form of commodity, human, investment. No less significant, and hidden, invisible forms of his presence. One such form, the demonstration effect of the South Korean economy. The basis of the demonstration effect has two components.

The first is the opening up of borders and the accessibility of travel for the Russian far East to South Korea. This effect is a demonstration of economic success. The far East can see that on-site 1.5 times smaller territory of Primorsky Krai is created the gross national product (GNP), commensurate with the total Russian product. This creates a population that numbers in 3.2 times smaller than the Russian. Next to us appeared the unique characteristics of economic space. How South Korea managed to form? Why we are lagging behind, and our neighbors are moving forward so rapidly? Why can we not? What is it about them that we don’t have? Such questions change the Outlook and then the Outlook of the far East, raise questions to the policy of the Federal center.

The second comparative component provides an opportunity to compare economic development of two Koreas: based on democratic principles and market economy of the Republic of Korea and is based on Communist principles and the command economies of the Democratic people’s Republic.

The contrast in the level of development and quality of life between the two Koreas, the increasing lag of the DPRK, dynamic positive developments in the South Korean realities dictate the change of feelings among Russians, watching these advances. Are formed at least of a sense of distrust of the capacity of the state and command economy.

Those who visited both the North and South of the Korean Peninsula at the level of worldview have come to realize that “the fact above principle.” They try on him to life in far Eastern conditions. And if the facts show that these conditions are worse than in the European part of Russia, and declared desirable the principle of equalizing the levels of development of regions – utopia. The result is “voting by feet”, the migration of population from the Eastern regions of Russia. During the period of 1992 to 2012 the population of the Far East has declined by 20 percent and currently stands at just 6.4 million people.

The demonstration effect, South Korea has one unique feature – it acts as a multiplier of emotions. In this context, the Korean presence is perceived as an emotional presence. How is it manifested? It is expressed in the mood on one emotional wave of Russians and Koreans. It is noteworthy that according to the results of sociological research among the reasons for choosing South Korea as the object of the sympathies of the inhabitants of the Far East of Russia took first place, such a cause as inexplicable sympathy. They left behind impressive economic achievements of the country.

Similar achievements can be observed simultaneously and in modern China and the Republic of Korea. But the achievements of the South Koreans to the Russians produce a greater impression. The same can be said about the social failures of the North Koreans. Why? What is the basis of a multiplier of emotions?

In our opinion, is an amazing, almost imperceptible to the human closeness of Russians and Koreans. What did we like? Perhaps the matching items in the history and economic problems of Russia and the Korean Peninsula. This war on ideological grounds, post-war devastation, the five-year plan, the planning, the interaction of business and government, the chaebol and the Russian oligarchs, twists and turbulence of political life, and much, much more. Isn’t talking about proximity and the fact that a surprising coincidence of patterns of alcohol consumption – the ratio of strong and weak alcoholic drinks.

We understand, even irrational, generated by ridiculous bureaucratic decisions at the phenomenon of South Korean life. Let’s only ban neon lamps (up to 1970), the suppression of red cars (mid 80’s), the ban on holidays abroad (until 1987). These phenomena are bringing us closer, because the list of such phenomena of Russian would occupy not one page. Of course, what happens with the Koreans, we can understand people, mostly in regard to ourselves – the Russians. We take example from them, assimilating their experience and try not to repeat their mistakes and misses.

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