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Booming medical tourism is now South Korea due to the fact that in 2007 the government adopted the law on medical tourism, allow foreigners to use the Korean health care system. Since then, the flow of patients is growing exponentially.

In the first year after adoption of the law the country was visited by 16 thousand considering treatment, in 2009-m — 55 thousand, in 2011-m already been of medical tourists goes from 100 thousand. In 2013, South Korea expects 200 thousand foreign patients, and in 2020-m — 1 million.

It is noteworthy that come to South Korea and citizens of countries with a developed level of medicine. Leader, the United States accounted for 34% of the total number of foreign patients. On the second place by the number of visits to South Korea for medical purposes, Russians — 17%. The majority of them — inhabitants of the Far East, but in 2012, Seoul began the official implementation of the program on attraction of medical tourists goes from the European part of Russia. There are patients from the UK, Japan, Germany.

As stated by the representative of the National organization of tourism of Korea Nikolay Dergachev, for people wishing to heal and get healthier there is a simplified visa regime.

The causes of the country’s success is simple: high level of technology in all spheres of life, medical technology — at the level of 80-90% in developed countries, and the prices haven’t caught up with European and American. The cost of medical services in South Korea below the cost of treatment in Singapore.

Medical care in Thailand will cost a quarter cheaper, but technological support below, but in Japan is more expensive in one and a half times, and in the US — 3.3 times. About that mister Dergachev said at the 3rd Moscow Congress on medical and health tourism.

In favor of South Korean medicine the facts show: Korean scientists more often than their colleagues from other Asian countries are published in international medical journals; the survival rate of cancer patients is higher here than in developed countries; the profession of doctor is considered one of the most prestigious because of the sizeable wages and the rapid development of the industry; physicians become better, because only 0.5% of students pass the exams and receive the right to practice.

Treatment in Korea is one of new promising areas in not only Asia but also the world market of medical tourism. In the last ten years the health care system of this country was intensively developed at the expense of public investment in nonprofit hospitals, and is now considered one of the best in Asia.

Korean clinics provide diagnostic utility . different fullness. Within a short period you can pass all the tests to pass x-ray, ultrasound, hearing test and vision, computer tomography, magnetic resonance tomography, endoscopic examination. In case of identification any pathology, the patient profile will be inspected immediately by a specialist. In Korean hospitals to develop basic diagnostic programs, VIP programs, which were selected by age, etc.

Today we have the opportunity to send patients to Korea for examination and treatment of cardiovascular, ophthalmic, orthopedic, neurological, oncological, stomatological diseases, diseases of joints etc. and Also in Korean hospitals is widely represented beauty services. Thus, our Korean colleagues provide the full range of medical services offered by medicine in the modern world.

The latest technologies allow to quickly and accurately diagnose, perform unique operations, and highly qualified medical staff, lack of queues and characteristics of the rehabilitation period in a comfortable environment make the treatment process is comparable with the period of rest and relaxation.

Why South Korea?

highly qualified specialists of international repute

supernova technology

advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment

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