The Most unusual burial rituals

When a close person dies, it always becomes a huge grief. Typically, relatives and friends for a long time are in a depressed and stressful situation. No cost and without specific funeral rituals, as well as the ensuing burial or cremation of the body of the deceased – at least so accepted among Europeans. But some cultures have very different funeral rites for us very strange. Sometimes it’s dancing with a dead man, or corpse cannibalism. But, everything in order.

No. 1. Strippers at funerals. We are talking about the funeral in a province of China – Donghai, where the value of the deceased is measured by how many come to spend his final journey. This understanding of the process entailed the custom to invite to the funeral strippers who will undoubtedly become the object of attention of onlookers. A lot of people joined the funeral procession only to gawk at half-naked girls – principal amount!

No. 2. Dance with the dead – a custom that exists in Madagascar. This, of course strippers are not near the grave, but a rather strange tradition. According to the legend the spirit of the deceased is returned to his body immediately after the decomposition of the corpse, so dance with the dearly departed only after 7 years after his death. The event raised to the rank and solemn is the occasion for a large gathering of the family Council.

No. 3. Burial in the sky – the Buddhist practice of Tibet. Because they live in the mountains, to consign the body to the ground pretty hard, but resourceful people find a way out. Deceased dismembered into pieces, roll them in flour (do yourself a “breading”) and fed does not spare the birds-the vultures. According to local beliefs the soul is thus returned directly into the bosom of nature.

No. 4. Funeral – held in the Indonesian province of Toraja Tone. If we compare with our rituals, the funeral is more like a wedding – with dances, songs, feasts and an abundance of relatives and guests. Since this “celebration” requires considerable material costs, the guests give the opportunity to relatives to save up the necessary funds, but to bury the body before the celebration was forbidden.

No. 5. The diamond on long memory – this service provides its clients with an enterprising American businessman. As you know, in the modern world of a body for the most part cremated, so he suggested formed from the burning ashes to turn into a diamond! But the stone will actually be precious, because diamond is carbon, and carbon in sufficient quantity contained in the ashes.

No. 6. Coffin-dream – or rather, display your favorite things or profession. So, if for example V. Vysotsky died in Ghana in the town of Teshi, it would be buried in a coffin in the shape of the favorite musical instrument of bard’s guitar. In Silence you can find a coffin in the shape of fish, coke bottle or machine. For the local population in these burial attributes is not unusual.

No. 7. Endocannibalism – probably the most nightmarish funeral rites of all. Means the ritual eating of the deceased person’s relatives and tribal leaders. Fortunately there is no documentary proof of the existence of such a tradition, it may be only an invention of the early colonists, but this does not exclude the possibility of its existence in the impenetrable jungles of the Amazon.

No. 8. Mummification itself – so do some Japanese monks of Sokushinbutsu. To samomoderirovanie, you must follow a certain strict diet, consisting at first only nuts and fruits. Then go a few more gruelling stages of self-destruction and, as we approach the end of a monk locked in a stone coffin, where in the Lotus position and he is waiting for his death. The coffin opened after 1000 days, to make sure that mummification took place as expected.

No. 9. Fasting leading to death has been practiced in India by the Jains and is called Samsara. Jainism prohibits harming any living being on the planet. Samsara begin those who have completely achieved all desired results in this life and now they have only the purification process. Essentially it’s a form of suicide, and for someone maybe euthanasia. Not everyone accepts this way of life, but dared to interfere with a person not entitled under penalty of expulsion from the community.

No. 10. Burial, through the mercy of the birds – these are the customs of the Zoroastrians who believe that after the death of the only man pollutes everything around him with impurities and vices. This Indian community will not tolerate burial in earth or cremation, so as not to pollute the earth or fire is a sacred element to them. So all the dead tribesmen they raise a Tower of Silence and left to the mercy of the feathered undertakers.

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