Tours in Thailand

The ancient name of the Kingdom of Thailand . which sounds like Siam, familiar to many. The country is located in the heart of Southeast Asia and is famous for its beautiful tropical climate, pristine nature, which is wonderfully coexists with modern civilization and ancient monuments. The climate is never very hot, and once selecting a tour to Thailand, you can relax from wordly vanity and to plunge into tranquility.

General information about Thailand

Here peculiar customs, its own religion and very delicious food. The location of Thailand on the Indochina Peninsula means that it is the Indian ocean, the Andaman sea and the Gulf of Thailand . Thailand is called the country of the elephant, as its shape reminiscent of the head of this large animal. The symbol of the Kingdom is a white elephant. The local population is Thais, the Malays, Chinese and others. Practiced in Thailand is Buddhism, and there is an absolute plethora of Buddhist temples.

If you are going to undertake tours to Thailand, think about what you expect from this trip. Because there and a wonderful beach stay all year round and the opportunity to get involved in the meditations, change your lifestyle, improve health, and also have the opportunity to explore local culture and architecture . In Thailand there are around 70 parks, everywhere in the scattered sandy beaches. Especially popular are the resorts of Phuket and the capital Bangkok.

Interesting facts of Thailand

Translated from the Thai name of the capital means city of angels . so buying a tour at this resort in Thailand, you can go to heaven. As for the climate, here in Thailand, pronounced three weather period, is the rainy season, dry winter, when the temperature does not rise above +16, and the heat season from March to may, although too hot here not happen. Given such a high winter weather is hard to call this season a cold, that’s why Thailand is called the country of eternal summer.

In the winter Thailand is considered an ideal place to relax, and during this period you can safely buy the tour here. Rain gone, the temperature is moderate, you can relax on the beach, go Hiking, enjoy nature. As for clothing, there is welcomed easy and loose clothing made from natural fabrics, it is better not to wear things made of nylon. A light sweater may be needed for the evenings and several fine suits or dresses needed for those who are planning to visit a restaurant or nightclub. Women are advised not to wear revealing clothes, if they plan to visit a Buddhist temple .

Traditions and religion of Thailand

Before entering into any Buddhist temple all visitors remove their shoes. Performing tour to Thailand . it is important to be aware of their traditions. According to the traditions in this country, it is not customary to touch strangers, as the head is considered the receptacle of the spirit, to touch the head of a Thai means to insult him. To indicate man’s foot on the subject here is considered rude. Also, it is considered inappropriate to show their feet, legs straight in the direction of the statue or image of Buddha.

Buddhism in Thailand is professed by 95% of the population, but living here Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and other peoples may practice their religion. Besides Thai language, many here speak English therefore, if planning a tour to Thailand, you should not worry that you will not be able to communicate with anyone. In addition, there are very many people speak Chinese.

Thailand Cuisine

Thailand is famous for its cuisine. In a large number of Thais use in their cooking of fish dishes. They also prefer all kinds of meat, lots of fruits and vegetables. Carts dotted the streets of cities in Thailand, which sells snacks and other goods. What you cook Thai for lunch today, depends on if it rains, what time of year, it the time to harvest. The Thais revere their own traditions and culture and very hospitable.

The main dish, which here is considered a side dish, served as dessert and also as a main dish, is rice. Any meal here is called Khao, meaning rice, and everything else, including fish and meat called KAP Khao, meaning that eaten with rice. Here also, I love coconut, various spices. Taking tour in Thailand, you can learn a lot about several aspects of life of local residents . consider attractions, indoor riding scooters tuk-tuk or swim in the sea and get away from the hustle and bustle.

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