Wedding dresses brides from different countries

All peoples wedding — the most solemn event in life. The bride and groom are trying to look great, to appear in the best outfits.

Get acquainted with traditions of different countries.


In the old days the main elements of a wedding dress of Russian brides were bottom shirt and top shirt. Lower the shirt was sewn from the thinnest tissue, what was available, and richly trimmed with lace. Top and shirt made of homespun cloth and decorated with embroidery.

Ukrainian bride is also generously covered wedding shirt with embroidery. On top they wore a skirt, which in Ukrainian is called “reserve” or “the female plakhta skirt”. It is a piece of homespun material, which is wrapped around the waist and tied the belt.

Bride from Belarus for the wedding wore the shirt, then the skirt, and on her apron. On top he wore a tight-fitting vest.


Here the most important thing in bride’s attire — brightly colored skirt. Fancy bride’s head wrapped with a cloth, so as to obtain a headdress that resembled a large turban. Bride’s hair is braided into many plaits. An essential attribute of a wedding dress are big African jewelry.


In South America a strong tradition of Spanish conquerors, and therefore in Mexican outfits, there are many borrowings from Spanish national costume.

Mexican girls wear a wedding dress with lots of ruffles, ruches, frills. Shoulders covered with lace capes-mantilari, and her hair is decorated with flowers. Like the outfits we see on the flamenco dancers. Clothing Mexican brides looks very bright, festive and colorful.


In many parts of India for the wedding wear red robes. The bride’s attire is a Sari of red color, richly embroidered with gold threads.

In some States the Indian sarees can be white, Golden yellow, green. It is often decorated with a wide gold border.

Bride is covered with many tinkling bracelets, symbolizing luck and happiness. On the neck — a massive gold decoration. The bride also wears long ear-rings, forehead decorations and traditional Indian makeup.

The hands and feet of the bride is often painted elegant ornament made with the help of henna.


Wedding dresses of Chinese women must be red. In China this color symbolizes wealth, happiness, prosperity. They are sewn from silk, satin and richly decorated with gold: edges, embroidery, jewelry.

By the way, the elements of the wedding decoration also use red and Golden color. It can be candles, wrapping paper and gift boxes etc.

The styles of dresses can be different, because China — a huge country and different provinces have customs sometimes differ from each other.

The most common are two style. The first of them — is narrow-fitting dress with traditional Chinese smell and stand collar. The second option — it’s a free spacious jacket and some skirts, worn one on top the other. Outfit of the bride is traditionally decorated with embroidery, which symbolizes luck and happiness in family life: this image of strange birds and gold plants. On the bride’s face — a thin veil of beaded tassels, lush hair head-dress symbolizing the Phoenix.

According to ancient custom, the bride during the wedding have three times to change the outfit.


The Japanese bride wears a white silk kimono and top — luxury brocade robe. Outfit with beautiful jewelry. On the head — a wig with traditional high Japanese hair, which is supplemented by combs and hairpins. Such hairstyles we often see in the paintings of Japanese masters. Japanese bride must hold an indispensable attribute of outfit — the fan.

In Japan, too, three times a bride changes her outfit: she is dressed in a red kimono, and then replaces it with another kimono bright colors — with the exception of purple. It is forbidden to wear, as it portends the separation of the spouses.


According to local customs, the bride wears intricate, multi-layered wedding dress, which consists of several costumes worn together. Such an abundance of clothing symbolizes wealth and high position. The first should be green toilet. Like every other, it is embroidered with flowers and butterflies.

Waist tied a bright red embroidered belt. The head is covered with a black cap, decorated with precious stones. On the face bright makeup, the main element of which are red circles on both cheeks.

The whole look of the Korean bride is an exceptionally bright, colorful spectacle.

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